Brighten The Day Of The One You Admire

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Do you find it difficult to approach others and are you smitten with a person you usually see while out in public? It can be intimidating to strike up a conversation with someone new, especially if you are worried about being rejected. Use an indirect approach and surprise this individual with a beautiful floral arrangement. The recipient of the gift may be intrigued by your thoughtfulness, and if you do not directly state who the sender of the gift was, the person on the receiving end may be determined to find out who their admirer is.

Choose The Arrangement And A Container

What you know about the person may help you choose the perfect flowers for the arrangement. If the individual is someone you work with, then maybe you are aware of their interests or the types of decorations that they enjoy and display inside of their workspace. If the person is someone who you do not have any formal knowledge of, you may want to get some information by speaking to them a bit.

You do not want to be intimidating or pushy, so keep this in mind when selecting some flower varieties and a container. For instance, if you aren't ready to get into a relationship and merely want to become friends with the recipient, avoid a bundle of red roses or another flower variation that may be misconstrued as you being in love with the person. Instead, choose flowers that are vibrant or soft colors and that will be perceived as something cheerful and suitable for just about any occasion.

Choose a vase or a decorative holder that can be repurposed. This will encourage the recipient to purchase or pick a bouquet of flowers on other occasions so that they can be enjoyed from their desktop or dining room table.

Add A Message To Your Gift

A brief message will tell the recipient what the underlying reason is for you buying them a gift. You can enclose a message that states that you are appreciative of the person's attitude or that you noticed that they did a good deed for another person recently and that you would like to commend them.

Try to keep the message to the point and don't say things that are creepy and result in the person thinking that they are being stalked. Either sign your name or leave that part blank so that the recipient will have to figure out who sent them the flowers. Request that the flowers be delivered if the florist that you have selected offers this type of service. Speak to your florist to get more tips.