"Other" Gift Ideas To Buy At A Flower Shop

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When you want some freshly cut flowers or a potted plant, your local flower shop should be the first place you visit. Regardless of who the gift is for, and for what occasion, you and a shop consultant can pick out the perfect blooms or arrangement for the recipient. It's important to know that many flower shops can offer a wide range of gift ideas beyond cut and potted flowers. If you're shopping for a gift for someone and expect that he or she may receive flowers from other people, visit your local flower shop to browse the other ideas. Here are some things that are commonly available.

Gourmet Baskets

Gourmet baskets make for an ideal gift for men and women of all ages. Many flower shops offer gourmet baskets that include a wide range of edible goodies. You can often find a general gourmet basket with a selection of fine snack foods, as well as baskets geared toward certain types of people. For example, you may be able to find a gourmet basket that caters to sports fans. It can include munchies such as pretzels, beer nuts, beef jerky, and popcorn. Or, look for a gourmet basket with high-end items, such as imported cheese, pate, stuffed olives, and other such items.

Floral Courses

Many flower shops have an educational component and run floral courses for interested people in the community. If you're looking for a unique gift idea for someone in your life who enjoys fresh flowers, think about buying a gift card that will cover enrollment in one of these courses. For example, the course attendees might be taught by an experienced floral shop employee about how to select blooms and put together an arrangement. Or, a course might focus on drying flowers and the creations that can be made with dried petals.

Rustic House Accents

Another creative gift idea is a rustic house accent; many flower shops carry such items. Your local shop might have a seemingly endless selection of these accents. For example, there might be a chalkboard with a rustic wooden frame, rough-cut wooden crates for storage, decorative glassware, natural wood drink coasters, and other similar items. Many people can make use of these gifts in different ways. In the case of the rustic chalkboard, a busy family could use it to organize the week's events, or a person who runs a home-based business could use it to keep track of deadlines.