2 Ways To Get Creative With Flowers At Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is meant to be an expression of yourself, and it is likely going to be a day that is full of flowers. More than ever, brides are beginning to incorporate flowers into their big day in new and exciting ways. Here are a couple of ways you can get creative with flowers on your wedding day:

Floral Curtain Entryway/Backdrop

Whether you want to use it as a backdrop for stunning photographs or for guests to walk through as they enter your wedding space, garlands of beautifully hand-strung flowers can help add an irrefutable "wow" factor to your big day. The best thing about these floral curtains is that they make for the perfect DIY project if you're looking to keep things inexpensive. All you need is some fishing line, a pair of scissors, an embroidery needle and, of course, your choice of flowers (with the long stems cut off).

Detailed instructions can be found here, but you will basically thread your needle, push it through each stem and tie a knot on the other side in order to hold the flower in place on the line. It is up to you how many flowers you choose to place on each line. When you're done, you can choose to use a gazebo, wedding arch, doorway, etc. to hang your newly created lines of flowers.

Floral Runner

At weddings, floral centerpieces are not uncommon. However, they are vases with flowers inside. Why not get a bit creative and make a floral table runner? It creates a beautiful flow of energy down the entire table, while offering a very classy design aesthetic. Looking at photos of floral runners may make you think that it is too difficult to make on your own, but it isn't. It's actually quite simple with step-by-step instructions and the right supplies, which include scissors, floral tape, decorative mesh ribbon, greenery (or other fillers) and fresh flowers.

You will start by cutting the mesh just slightly longer than your table and roughly half the width of your finished product, then tape it down. Begin placing your greenery (and/or fillers) and flowers into the mesh to create your runner. You may have to pull them out and put them back in several times until you are happy with the way it looks. Continue until you have finished the entire runner and filled any empty gaps.

For more creative ways to make use of flowers on your wedding day or to get access to the freshest blooms in your area, contact your local lower store.