5 Amazingly Fragrant Flowers for Your Living Space

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When you decide to order a fragrant bouquet of flowers to dress up your living space, forget the roses and go for something a little different. By forgoing roses, you can add a delightfully unexpected array of scents to your home. You may even discover some newfound favorites in the bouquet combinations you try.  Here are five amazingly fragrant flowers to introduce to your living space.


A bouquet of gorgeous white and purple lilacs can fill your home with sweet, citrusy scents for a week or more. You can order a small bouquet of lilacs for your side table or nightstand to make the entire room smell like this gorgeous flower. Even after the flower petals start to wilt, the buds continue to release their strong scent.


The rose-like gardenia flower has a pungent aroma that is frequently used in air fresheners and perfume formulas.The gardenia fragrance will overpower almost all other blooms, so make sure to pair it with purely ornamental flowers or greenery. The delicate flowers look great when combined with seeded eucalyptus greens and lily grass.


The wispy stalks of honeysuckle flowers work great in bouquets filled with large blooming flowers, like carnations or roses. The scent of the honeysuckle flower tends to lazily flow through the room and lasts for hours. Despite its name, the honeysuckle flower actually has a light fragrance that is reminiscent of early springtime blooms rather than sweet desserts.  


Clematis is a buttercup type flower with wide white, pink or purple petals. The flower grows on vines, so it is usually paired with thick stemmed, supportive flowers, such as orchids or lilies, in bouquets. The clematis fragrance is light and sweet with subtle vanilla undertones, yet it seems to linger in the air for days longer than other pungent flowers.


Phlox is a fairly unknown wildflower that has been recently introduced to large bouquets due to its amazing fragrance and bright petals. Since each sprig of phlox features dozens of tiny flowers, its scent tends to remain center stage unless it is paired with equally fragrant flowers, like gardenia. You will likely never grow bored with bouquets constructed solely from phlox due to its interesting appearance and vast color options.

Ordering Fragrant Blooms

To save time searching for these flowers, you can contact your local florist to have them prepped for pick up or delivered straight to your home. Your local florist can also help you identify other suitable flower arrangement options to display in your home. When ordering your bouquets, you must indicate whether you want your flowers adorned with pretty filler foliage, like bear grass, or assembled without additional decorative elements. 

To smell these options yourself, visit local services like Bouquet Flower Shop to select your bouquet of choice.