Tips For Picking Out Flowers For Someone In The Hospital

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Purchasing a bouquet of flowers for someone in the hospital or short-term assisted care is a wonderful way to let them know they are in your thoughts, but there are some limitations and tips that you must remember. The following can help you choose the right type of get well flowers to share your well wishes.

Tip #1: Check with the facility

The hospital or care center may have rules in place concerning what is allowed in an individuals room. For example, some may not allow flowers potted in soil, while others may not allow flowers at all in specific units – such as intensive care. There are even some hospitals that won't allow flowers at all. In this case, stick to a card and then send out the flowers once your loved one is back home.

Tip #2: Choose flowers that don't irritate

Even if your loved one doesn't have allergies, that doesn't mean that the staff or other patients are as lucky. Opt for blooms that are less likely to trigger allergies. These are generally low-pollen varieties, such as roses and carnations. Another option is to go for a foliage-only arrangement, such as colorful coleus mixed with dusty miller.

Tip #3: Pick out a smaller arrangement

Display space is at a premium in a hospital room, even if your loved one has private accommodations. Chances are they will have a couple of arrangements that they want to show off, plus they need room for personal effects and any health equipment needs. Opt for a compact arrangement to help them make the most of their space. Small vases with a forward facing arrangement take up a lot less space than huge containers filled with a dozen or more flowers and filler.

Tip #4: Avoid breakable items

The container can be an important part of an arrangement's beauty, but keep in mind it may undergo some hard treatment in a hospital room. It can be knocked over or dropped, plus it will need to survive the eventual journey home. Skip the glass and ceramic vases and instead look at some of the attractive resin or metal options available. A small brass urn, for example, can be an attractive base for a selection of brightly colored carnations.

Talk with a florist in your area. They may already be aware of local hospital preferences on arrangements, and they can also help you pick out the perfect flowers that will meet any restrictions while still being attractive.